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Class 3 work examples

Please find below work completed by our Class 3 pupils


Our wonderful trip to the York Art Gallery and The Yorkshire Museum (Stone Age to Iron Age - Autumn 2019)

As you can see from the following pictures, we had a fantastic time at the York Art Gallery and Yorkshire Museum.




Do the tallest children jump the furthest?  (Science - Autumn 2019)

During the Autumn Term, the children in Class 3 were asked to come up with their own experiment to find the answer to, 'Do the tallest children jump the furthest?'

They had to think about how to make the experiment a fair test and how they could record their findings.  As you can see, the children had lots of fun finding out!






Science in Class 3

We always have fun in Science in Class 3 and this year has been no exception.  In the Spring term, our topic was 'Light'.  As part of this topic, we looked at shadows and how they change, depending on the distance from the light source.


In the Summer term we have been looking at the structure of the earth, as part of a cross-curricular study on Volcanoes.




Egyptian Day (Spring 2019)

On Wednesday 10th April, the children in Class 3 travelled back in time to the Egyptian Age!  They came dressed as Egyptian gods, pharoahs, scarab beetles and pyramids.  We even welcomed Tutankhamun's sarcophagos!  During the day the children made amulets out of clay, made bread and had a tasting session of various Egyptian food!








World Book Day (Spring 2019)

We had lots of fun on World Book Day, as you can see from the photos!  As well as dressing as their favourite book characters, the children made mini books, bookmarks, pop-up books and book bags.





Class 3 trip to Danelaw - Vikings for the Day! (Autumn 2018)

We were very excited about visiting the Viking Village at Danelaw.  Once there, we milled wheat to make flour for the bread, made oil lamps, collected wood for the fire, worked in the field and learnt how to guard the village from possible intruders!  It was really interesting to see how the Vikings would have lived.





Class 3 visit to Stockbridge Technology Centre (Summer 2018)

The children in Class 3 had a wonderful day out at Stockbridge Technology Centre!  As well as harvesting vegetables in the fields, they went on a nature walk to look at different habitats, visited the greenhouses (including an LED shed), and made bird boxes to take home.






Which liquids travel the fastest? (Spring 2018)

The children in Class 3 love their Science!  They were asked to investigate 'Which liquids travel the fastest?' and had to plan carefully how they would carry out their investigation.




Easter Egg Competition 2018

We had some wonderful entries for this year's Easter Egg Competition.  Our topic was 'The Romans' and, as you can see, the children made good use of their knowledge.



Our Roman trip to The Yorkshire Museum (Spring 2018)

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Yorkshire Museum.  We found out lots of information about the life of a legionary in the Roman Army.  We particularly enjoyed making 'onegars' (a bit like catapults) and marching in a 'testudo' (tortoise) formation!



Fun in Science (Autumn 2017)

The children in Class 3 have been enjoying their Science lessons this term.  They were asked the question, "Do the tallest children jump the furthest?"

In groups, they had to work out what they would need to do for this experiment, including what equipment they would need, how they could make this a fair test and how they could record their findings.

As you can see, we had great fun finding out the answer.....



Class 3 Trip to Beningbrough Hall and Gardens (Summer 2017)

As part of our Science topic on 'Plants', Class 3 visited Beningbrough Hall and Gardens.

The children took part in numerous activities including: planting bean seeds in "pots" they had made themselves, looking at the beautiful flower and vegetable beds at Beningbrough, tree identification, a special session on the Tansy Beetle, visiting the Hall to look at the portraits and a fun session in the adventure playground.  As you can imagine, a fun time was had by all! 




Egyptian Day (Spring 2017)

The children in Class 3 have been studying the Egyptians this term.  Some of the topics they have covered include the pyramids and how they were built, how the Egyptians mummified bodies and how they used hieroglyphics.  As part of their studies, Class 3 took part in an Egyptian Day!  Amongst the activities they enjoyed on this day were: making a canopic jar, sarcophagus, scarab beetle or pyramid out of clay, making an Egyptian mask and making an Egyptian game.





World Book Day 2017

We really enjoyed World Book Day in Class 3.  As well as dressing up as our favourite book characters, we made pop-up books and bookmarks, entered a book voucher competition and did lots of book-related puzzles and word searches.

Some of our Dads, Uncles and Grandads came to join in the fun!



Our Visit to Danelaw - the Viking Settlement (Autumn 2016)

During the Autumn term Class 3 had a wonderful day out at the Danelaw Viking Settlement.  We learnt lots about the way the Vikings lived - we made oil lamps, milled the wheat to make flour for bread, collected fire wood, looked at a typical Viking house and guarded the village from possible intruders!






Grandparents Day 2016

We always look forward to Grandparents Day in Class 3.  This year Grandparents helped us to make our 'cracker' decorations and do some of our Viking weaving.  A huge 'thank you' to all those who were able to join us!






Our Viking Visitors!

Sitric Mouse Bladder and Gudrun Wasp Tongue came to visit Class 3.  We learnt lots about how Vikings dressed, some of the crafts they enjoyed such as weaving and jewellery making, what their houses were like and what sort of tools and weapons the men used.




Science in Class 3

The children in Class 3 have been enjoying making circuits as part of their Science topic on Electricity. They were given the equipment, but no instructions on how to make a circuit.  It looks like we have some budding scientists in the class!


Romans for a Day!

Class 3's visit to The Yorkshire Museum has been a highlight of the summer term. We looked at some interesting Roman artefacts, got dressed up as a centurian, learned how to be a Roman soldier, practised the 'testudo' (tortoise) and even learned how to protect Mr Jones from the enemy!





World Book Day 2016

The children in Class 3 made a real effort with their costumes for World Book Day this year.  We had great fun guessing who everyone was!



Grandparents' Day

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We always enjoy our Grandparents' Day and this year was no exception.  The children and their Grandparents had a busy morning making 2 different tree decorations!  There was lots of glitter and sequins galore as we decorated our 'Rudolfs' and 'Kings'!



Fun in Science

The children in Class 3 have enjoyed finding out the answer to the question: 'Do the tallest children jump the furthest?'  They had to think carefully about the information they needed before they did the experiment and how to make it a fair test.




Healthy Schools Week - Fruit Kebabs!

During our Healthy Schools Week, the children in Class 3 enjoyed making fruit kebabs with Wendy and Brenda from Tescos.  Some of the children tried fruit they had never tried before and they all agreed the kebabs were delicious!



Our Christian value: Faith

As a school, we have been looking at the Christian value of Faith.  Class 3 have been reading about the story of David and Goliath in the bible.  David put his faith in God and believed that God would protect him.


World Book Day 2015

The pupils in Class 3 had a wonderful time on World Book Day.  Some of the children's dads, uncles, grandads and friends came in to share in the fun.




In the afternoon we worked on some illustrations for our Wes Magee poem.



Wes Magee visits St Mary's!

On 4th March Wes Magee visited St Mary's as part of our World Book Day celebrations.  In Class 3's session with Wes, the children worked together on a poem entitled 'The Class 3 Space Poem'.  We all had a wonderful time!



ICT - Using the iPads

Class 3 have been using the computers and the iPads to complete some coding challenges on '2Code'. This programme can be found on the 'Purple Mash' website.


Art work

Here is some of our work, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. After collecting materials from our outside areas and Forest School, the children designed and created a sculpture.




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