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Leave of Absence

The DFE have outlined that holidays during term time should not be authorised on grounds of cost or availability. Discretion is given to the Headteacher where they feel exceptional circumstances exist eg. a family crisis such as a bereavement or terminal illness, and service families returning from posting. In these exceptional cases, applications must be made in writing to the Headteacher using the appropriate Local Authority form available from the school office.


Should you choose to take the leave of absence in term time it will be regarded as an unauthorised absence. The Local Authority will consider what action they take, and may issue you with a fixed penalty notice under Section 23 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act. Any parents issued with such a notice will be subject to a prompt fine of either £60 per parent per child (if paid within 21 days) or £120  (if paid after the 21st day but within 28 days). Failure to pay the Fixed Penalty Notice is likely to lead to prosecution. 



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