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Sport Premium

Since 2013, the government have annually allocated Sport Premium funding to primary schools, in order to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) and school sport. For 2017-2018, we received £16,000, plus £10 per pupil to achieve this goal.

At St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School, we believe PE and sport play an important role in our school, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.  Children learn to develop the important qualities of teamwork, communication, discipline, resilience, ambition and having fun, leading to improved health, self-esteem, concentration, attitude, and academic achievement.

We welcome the Government’s provision of this additional funding to improve Physical Education (PE) and sport at St. Mary's, and are committed to using this invaluable resource in developing sustainable high quality PE lessons, alongside providing greater opportunities for all our young people to participate in sports clubs and competitions.

This year, our Sport Premium funding has been used for the following:


Clubs and Competitions, Activities and Events

Years 5/6 Netball Club                                            KS1 Hockey tournament

Years 5/6 School Football Team                            Years 5/6 Cricket Club & tournament

Playleader training                                                   Playleader lunchtime activities

Years 5/6 Rugby Club                                             Years 3/4 Hockey tournament

Years 5/6 Peter Feasby Hockey Tournament         Chance to Shine cricket coaching & support

Years 5/6 High 5 Netball competition                      Years 5/6 School Football league fixtures

KS1 Jazzies                                                             KS2 Jazz Hands

KS1 Cross Country                                                  Years 4-6 Girls' Football Club and tournament

Whole-school Sports Games Day                            Sportsleaders' Athletics intra-school competition

Freddy Fit whole-school sessions                            Whole-school tennis sessions

All Stars Cricket sessions for KS1                            Years 1-3 Football Club

Years 3/4 Gymnastics Club                                      Years 3/4 Touch Rugby Club

Years 1/2 Gymnastics Club                                       Years 3/4 Total energy Club

Years 1/2 Tennis Club                                               Years 3/4 Cricket Club

Years 5/6 Total Energy Club                                     Years 1/2 Total Energy Club



The impact of this has been that:

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