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Term Dates

The following dates apply to all City of York Council schools for 2016 - 2017.

Autumn Term 2016 From To
1st half of term Mon 5 Sept  Fri 21 Oct 
Half-term holiday Mon 24 Oct Fri 28 Oct
2nd half of term Mon 31 Oct Fri 16 Dec
Spring term 2017 From To
1st half of term  Wed 4 Jan  Fri 17 Feb
Half-term holiday Mon 20 Feb Fri 24 Feb 
2nd half of term Mon 27 Feb Fri 7 April
Summer term 2017 From To
1st half of term  Mon 24 Apr Fri 26 May
Half-term holiday Mon 29 May Fri 2 June
2nd half of term Mon 5 June Wed 26 Jul






In addition to these dates, St. Mary’s will close for five days for staff training on:

The Local Authority have also confirmed  2017-2018 term dates to enable advance bookings of family holidays to be taken during school holidays. Please log on to and follow the link under 'Schools Section' for 'Term, holiday and other school closure dates'. Please be aware that individual schools have yet to determine the five additional staff training days.

Click on the link below to view the 2017-2018 term dates.


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